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Deafining Wernicke

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9th Mar 2023, 7:30pm - 9th Mar 2023, 7:30pm

Address: Redbridge Drama Centre

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Deafining Wernicke

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, events in Ilford will be taking extra safety precautions. Please check with the organisers before attending.

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Invisible Women Theatre in association with Redbridge Drama Centre present:

Deafining Wernicke

A new play written by Stephanie Barrows and David Alexander to celebrate International Women’s Week (6-11 March 2023) and British Sign Language Week (13-17 March 2023)

Wernicke is a girl. She has eyes that see. A nose that smells. She has ears. She has arms and legs that work to feed her, get her from here to here. She has a belly that rumbles occasionally. But…

Never judge a book by its cover,

No matter what it seems.

For deep within its pages

Lie magic, hopes and dreams.

Wernicke is an ordinary girl. For now. Often judged and ignored by a hearing world, the search for her voice leads her through a magical fantasy. A rite of passage as this young Deaf woman incorporates the wisdom of elders with her vision of the future as a catalyst for change.

Invisible Women Theatre was set up around 7 years ago by Stephanie Barrows to offer interesting/challenging roles to women of all ages/abilities. Half deaf since birth herself, Stephanie has co-written Deafining Wernicke with David to celebrate inclusivity of the Deaf Community in the Arts. BSL/Mime and Movement will be incorporated with spoken English in the performance in addition to a BSL interpreter and captions.

Inspired by Rose Ayling-Ellis and Giovanni Pernice’s partnership on Strictly Come Dancing, Deafining Wernicke aims to bring together the Deaf and Hearing Communities to raise awareness of how we could improve inclusion. An inspirational story for the hearing and deaf aged 12+ to celebrate coming of age. Finding your voice – your purpose and passion in life – whilst respecting the old ways and building on them to find new ways to create the physical and spiritual realities we wish to leave as our legacy. Will appeal equally to young and old in society as a celebration of elder women as they pass on their wisdom and their crown to the visionary young women of the future.

At Invisible Women Theatre we are passionate about having British Sign Language (BSL) taught as part of the school curriculum in all schools. We aim to inspire young people to learn by seeing how BSL can be incorporated into the arts and how it can make a difference to the inclusion and collaboration of all creative young women of the future.

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9 Mar 2023 - 19:30 Standard - Min: £7.00 | Concession - Min: £5.50 Book Tickets


  • 9 Mar 2023 - 19:30

Address: Redbridge Drama Centre

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