5 Ways to beat the January Blues
02 January 2018


January is officially here, which means most of us are back at work after a long break.

This time of year can be super stressful, not only have we got empty pockets after Christmas but it’s hard to know where to start with all our new goals.


Here are a few ways to beat the blues this month 


Exercise is proven to release hormones, which can impact our mood in a positive way. It energises you, makes you happier and can boost your confidence. Most of us want to get fit in January and Ilford is packed with loads of fantastic Gyms. There’s bound to be a Gym that works for you. Explore them all and see what suits you best.

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Check out what’s on in Ilford! There are loads of events & activities in our town centre. During the holidays we spend so much time with family and friends, which often boosts our mood, try and factor some days out with friends & family to get stuck in to new and fresh activities.

Don’t forget, the New Year means new movies and theatre shows, head out and see what’s out there.

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You have probably started setting yourself new goals and targets to reach! Keep calm and be positive. Getting yourself a new Diary, Planner or Notebook is always a great start, write things down and begin to plan what you’d like to achieve. Making daily short ‘to do’ lists are helpful, ticking things off your list lifts your mood and helps you to stay organised and focused.


Want new things to do with the kiddies? The Ilford Exchange Kids Free Play area is the perfect place for your little ones. You might be stuck for ideas for things to do with them, but soft play can equal a nice fun day out for you and will also give you a chance to browse the stores. Retail therapy can actually be quite therapeutic, there are loads of sales on this time of year & it’s always good to browse to get the best deals.

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Why not indulge in some foodie faves! We’ve got tons of tasty food here in Ilford. After all your massive workouts at the gym don’t think you can’t treat yourself. Life is all about balance; so don’t worry about satisfying your sweet tooth once in a while.  Click here to find restaurants.