Is Ilford East London or Essex?
14 December 2017



Is Ilford East London or Essex?

The debate of whether Ilford is in East London or Essex has been going on for what feels like centuries.  In fact, the debate has actually been going on for 50 years…With so many varying views, we took to Instagram to find out what our followers thought in an online poll, the results were super close but Essex came out on top.



Here are a few facts about Ilford that might shake up your thoughts:


  1. Ilford has a telephone area code of 020 (020 is the national dialling code for London in the United Kingdom).

2.    The Ilford address is Ilford, Essex,A local history book notes that on October 21, 1926, the Queen Mother visited Ilford Town Hall with King George VI, to present the Royal Charter, creating a Municipal Borough in the County of Essex from the former Urban District of Ilford. However in 1965 it was incorporated into the London Borough of Redbridge as London grew. (See History).

3. There was a poll in the Ilford Recorder in July 2001 asking people if they perceived Ilford to be in London or Essex, 419 voted Essex, 684 voted London.

4. Ilford has been featured on the hit show TOWIE (The Only Way is Essex).

5.The Ilford Town Centre Manifesto promises that Ilford Will be a London town again, the manifesto states: “Known as where the East End came to shop and play, it is time for Ilford to once again be the heart of a modern east London.”

6. According to Wikipedia “Ilford is a town in east London, England, located 9.1 miles east of Charing Cross. It is the administrative centre of the London Borough of Redbridge, and identified as a major metropolitan centre in the London Plan.”